Rox pursued careers in technology and in higher education administration before stepping out of her career to raise daughter Petunia (born 2000) and son Dash (born 2005). Launching her first blog, Rox and Roll, in 2007 offered relatives as far-flung as Afghanistan, Kenya and West-by-God-Virginia a way to keep up with the funny kid stories. That same year, Rox joined the now-defunct Silicon Valley Moms Group, writing first for their New Jersey Moms Blog and then for the Silicon Valley Moms Blog with her move West in 2008. In July of 2010, Rox launched Rox on a Soapbox, a pundit blog dedicated to political issues of pressing concern to families. She is also writing her first novel and submitted op-eds to major newspapers.

In her free time, Rox loves to do yoga, play tennis, snowboard, hike, bike, and bake; as well, she is musical and plays just about every instrument that doesn't have a reed. She is also a self-proclaimed "causehead" who cares deeply about her native Appalachia and spends a lot of brain time trying to figure out how to alleviate rural persistent poverty through education and economic opportunity. She is also an environmental activist and a crusader for excellence in public education.